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Gear Advice Help with my set up


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Over the 2 months, I have been making videos in Osaka, japan to upload in YouTube. I have 2 channels, 1 for JDM cars and another for walk around videos in Osaka area. I was doing all this anyway, so thought be as well start uploading it.

I have a lot of work to do with improving my content but one area I need help with is my set-up.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 5759 lap top, Intel Core i7-6500 CPU @2.5GHz, it has 8 GB RAM, 64-bit operating system and x64 processor. It has Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics card.

For filming I use my iPhone X, I also recently bought a Go Pro Hero 8. Due to the stabilization of using the iphone while walking, I bought a Zhiyun smooth4 gimble.

To edit I was using filmora 9 on the laptop but due to mixed results, started using iMovie also.

On my iPhone, the videos are crystal clear, when I transfer to computer and edit with filmora 9, I have mixed quality results. When using direct from iPhone to iMovie, the quality is much better but not perfect. Even the Go Pro has mixed results, some is very clear and others you can see some pixelated areas.

This could be my technic, my laptop or maybe WIFI connect makes a difference?

Looking for support with a good set up for the type of videos I will be making, walking and showing the area and also looking at cars and explaining what is in the video.
Can You Show an example?


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@J_SinistaProductions I don't like everything super wide angle, and I can't record in ProRez. I also prefer to record in 10-bit, 4:2:2 for color grading in post. Also I want my footage to look like a super 16 documentary film. GoPros simply can't give me the look I want.

Well that makes sense. You sound more like a power-user/pro when it comes to videography. I've read where you can confer GoPro .MP4 files to ProRes, and even though I don't use ProRes, I thought there was an option in Compressor to make this conversion. I have no idea when it comes to ProRes, so don't quote me on that.