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Opinion what everyone favorite pets?

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My favorite pet is dogs I especially love German Shepherds and I also love cats. Now when it comes to cats I just love black and silver cat they are so beautiful to me.
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I wished I got a turtle when I was in a better situation xD
I got my RES back in 4th grade, and I didn't know any better. Wish I had gotten musk turtle, but ya can't turn back the clock.

Aye. I now have a goldfish because it originally was supposed to be food for my turtle. However, it outlasted its other brethrens and my turtle eventually lost interest in it. Then it just lived with the turtle for a while until they got into a fight and the goldfish lost a portion of its tail and scales. Now it has its own tank ._. what a lad.
That's quite the story. Animals are interesting, funny and qwirky.

I like many animals. We have had hamsters, a guinea pig, love bird, fish, cats, dogs. At the moment we have a dog. I like them all. Although I have always wanted a turtle.