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Technology What Microphones do you Use?

Obi Shinobi

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oh yeah, I remember that mic when it came out. I never actually checked out the quality or if anybody is using it or not. How is it compared to something like the Blue Yeti?
I've never used a blue yeti but they seem pretty comparable. Linus Tech did a video on it and that's what sold me. plus I'm also a razer fanboy so there could be a little bias.

Lady April

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Me and my Brother Use a Snowball mic. Despite how little it helps. It works and picks up his voice. It's cheap and has been apart of his youtube career for 2 years. So, i suggest it.
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RGS Rblood

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as @Lady April said. We use a snowball mic but thats more for like, Gaming and vlogs as it will pick me up even if im not near it and it doesnt sound too bad.

But for my music. I prefer using my Blue Yeti. Whereas it has it huge hiccups. It's a solid mic and works better when your going faster then talking speed.


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I have a Blue Yeti Pro, which works for me. Some people may reason that it's not the best in comparison to an XLR-powered mic, but considering I got mine as a gift, I'm going to use it for a good while.
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I also have a blue snowball a friend generously donated to me. I have my eyes set on a rhode mic but I need to keep putting the pennies away.

I find it to be okay but definitely not the best. I am not the most knowledgeable with regards to sound production or editing (heck I would go as far to say I know nothing)

How much extra tweaking do you guys do to your vocals/sound recording during editing?
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Also what is the benefit of using a USB mic VS an audio interface?


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Since I record all my videos on my mobile phone I wanted a better mic option. I went with the "BOYA BY-M1 3.5mm Electret Condenser Microphone with 1/4" adapter for Smartphones iPhone DSLR Cameras PC" off Amazon. I got it based off recommendations of someone from youtube. It has worked perfect and I can even use it once I get a DSLR camera. And the best part its under $20 USD
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I personally use Rode Microphones for everything. For in person video I boom a Rode VideoMic Pro, and for my voice over work I use my Rode NT-1 :)

What microphone(s) do you use?
I'm really poor (trying to get ready for college debt payments and getting a new car, and an apartment for me) so I just use the system microphones whether on my phone/computer etc xD making do with what I've got until I can start monetizing on YouTube and people decide to give financial support (not necessary but appreciated) through my tubebuddy affiliate link and other affiliate links I have :) but just likes,comments and subscribes are more than enough for support!

Shawn Gossman

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Just picked up the Rode Video Mic Pro...

We have a special forest service road in my parts that closes two times a year for the annual snake and reptile migrations. I use a Sony AX-53 4K handycam for filming there. Mainly because I can zoom really close to a venomous snake without getting in the line of its bite. Our snakes are very polite (no snake bite death in IL for at least 50+ years) but I still like to keep a distance haha...

The built-in mic is nice but the shotgun mics are sooooooooooooo much better and this new VMPR mic seems like it is going to be a sweet deal.

One more month and it's snake filming for me... Crazy thing to film I know but one snake video usually gets me a few hundred views in 24 hours...

Tito Tim

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I use a Lavalier Lapel Mic for most of my vids. I use the built in mic on my Samsung phone for voice overs, at the house. YouTube seems to strip so much quality out of the uploads that it seems pointless to get too carried away.


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A strong 9Γé¼ trust headset mic that i have purchased 4-5 years ago.
Togheter with mine 8Γé¼ webcam they make the ultimate Slavtalian settings XD


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For me Take your pick. I started with a Movo LavMics plugged into my cell phone, followed by a Craigslist Ad find for an unopened Blue Yeti Black Edition, I'm using Sanson Q2U Mics for my mobile Podcast setup all recording into a Zoom H6 Digital Recorder.

Coolness Greatness

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when I started to use computer software for recording I got my first microphone. It is a Samson Go Mic. It was small and compact and it was easy to carry around with my laptop.


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So ever since I stopped using my BP40 (because problems), I've been using the modmic to communicate. But I've still been using the Rode VideoMicro for every one of my videos. It's not as good as a studio mic, but I'm considering using the Shure MV88 again because I was listening to my past recordings with it, I like the sound that it has compared to the Rode mic.