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Mobile Gear does anyone else use their regular phone to record videos, what do you use for good liting,


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Personally I edit straight on my phone (S10+) using Kinemaster… avoiding the switch from iPhone to iPad may prevent the conversion?
I would do this but I’m blind lol can’t see a thing. No not really blind but my eyes are shocking so have to do mine on iPad. I’ve just ordered my Mac book pro so that will make things much better I hope

AJ Faith & Fitness

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I have been using an iPhone 5S (my old phone) for recording most of my video. I started using the front camera, now moved on to the rear camera... that made a big difference on it's own. I also have an iPhone 7 Plus (which is my current phone), however have not been recording with it due to needing it for other things as I record. My biggest issue with recording is lighting as well, and plan on investing in some lighting in the near future to help with this issue. So far I have just been playing with the angles to get as best of a shot as possible, without blowing out the shot. Coincidentally my main mic right now is the iPhone 7 Plus... it is serving its purpose at the moment, however would like to upgrade to something else for a mic, something i could also connect to a computer.

Steve the Barman

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iPhone 11 Pro here!! and it smashes my videos. I have trialed a Panasonic Lumix GH5 and a Sony A6400 and they couldn't get near the quality of my iPhone! They always blur when i shake cocktails and waft my hands about! Which i have a tendency to do...A LOT!

Lighting wise, i have a pretty well lit studio.
- 2x 750W (5500k) Daylight Fluro Bulbs - each Kit cost $35 (£28 UK)
- 3x 16w (6500k) Cool White normal LED Lighbulbs. (2 above my head. 1 above the Phone/Camera where a ringlight would normally go) - each Bulb cost $12 (£10 UK) plus a cheap $5 fitting to a Plug.

All off Amazon

SOOOO Cheap! Had them 2 years... haven't replaced any of them yet!


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Yes! I am a tech channel and have business that deals with a lot of tech! Therefore I have acess to some really good cameras! But I use my phone still, firstly becouse it's fast to setup and get shooting right way. Sometimes can't be motivated to shoot a video becouse of the fear of getting the camera out and setting it up ect but with the phone I just get it out and shoot! Phones these days or almost good as camera, most people on YouTube won't be able to tell! The phone I use is the IPhone Se 2! Like that phone so much I have done 4 videos on it on my channel!


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Not sure what your budget is but check out the hardware store for shop lights. They are typically cheap holders with clamps for ~$10 then buy a bright bulb. You could probably buy a few and stay under $50 to make sure the lighting is good.

Here is a video cheap lighting that I watched to get some ideas.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U61AA-CTc5c