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TubeBuddy Tips What is your channel's value proposition?


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My channel's value proposition is to entertain the people of all walks of life through my vlogs despite my condition.

Miwa Kaur

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For [ vegetarian, vegan, plant based, someone who is interested in plant based ] who want/need [ to learn to cook, to explore new recipes ] my youtube videos provide [ to inspire to cook at home mostly from scratch, without refined sugar, grains and oil ]

I believe that whatever diet of their choice, it can be healthier and cheaper to cook at home! I noticed that many people don't know how to cook, hence they eat outside, take out or processed food. WOW! It's amazing! I just realized that I should create more content towards beginners! Thanks Andrew for this opportunity to rethink about what I need to do for my channel! :)

nate polmateer

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Hello! Knowing your channel's value proposition is KEY! It helps you identify who you want watching your content, and what content you can shape around that! Here's mine:

Value Proposition for Andrew Kan: I help You (Creators) overcome the hurdles stopping You from accomplishing your film goals, using the expertise and methods I did, I believe if I kan you kan too!

This has helped me focus down to create content that has performed better, and kept my creative mindset going by showing people what to do!

My question to YOU, is what is your YouTube Channel's Value Proposition?

Here's a Mad Libs Style Example:

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My Youtube Channel is for Young Families who want/need financial and money guidance, my youtube videos provide well thought out, experienced and simplified directions for personal finance, investing and budgeting.