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YouTube Question Passive Audience - How to handle it?


New Member
Im new here, so, hello everyone! My channel is about 2 years old and I think it goes 'pretty well' (at least in my opinion) with views everything from 100 to 5000 and up each video, but my subscribers are still low, they are almost 400. I only publish a video once a week and Im not interested in making Shorts, collabs so I guess this might explain it (or maybe my videos are just too boring). At the end of the day, this is just a hobby for me. But here's my question, my audience is so passive. They don't answer any polls Im posting and same goes for Instagram, I always encourage them to be a part of it, telling them I appreciate it and why, but they just keep being passive & quiet & simply don't do anything. In many videos I encourage people to be open about how they feel about the topics I talk to which is something they subscribe to, this is a specific niche based channel, some do comment but when it comes to polls or being a part of the videos like a discussion, they pretend they dont see it. As I said in the beginning, I also use Instagram to promote my youtube videos, i know many watch them but they again, pretend they don't for some reason and this feels just disappointing. So for me it's not that they dont see it, its just that they stay off everything. Any thoughts on what is going on?

My channel is not controversial, its a light hearted channel so its not something odd in any shape or form

Thank you