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Beauty Channel Makeup channel

Brzi Tutorials

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User name: Brzi Tutorials
Title: Makeup channel
Age: 27
Type of collaboration: To mansion each other on our channels or put next on play list .. or maybe in the future to record together
Amount of Subscribers: 800
Ways to contact you: write me on instagram: brzi tutorials
Why should they collaborate with you: Because we can help each other grow ,sharing audience .. and tis and tricks
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC44RNtqKFyRh3hF9zCG2Hwg


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Hi, Brzi. I have a beauty channel where I share skincare and makeup tutorials, self-care expert interviews, and women empowerment. I followed you on Instagram. My Instagram handle is @doyouboobeauty. YT channel handle @doyoubootv Chat soon.