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Channel Review Rebranded Channel Feedback

High Stim Ace

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User name: High Stim Ace
Title of thread: Rebranded Channel Feedback
Self review: I used to run a small fitness channel but there was no direction and the videos were all over the place. I recently rebranded as a pre-workout and fitness supplements review channel and have found more success. I'm heavily involved in a couple of reddit pre-workout related communities so I was able to bring over a small core audience from there. I think my videos add pretty solid, I know what I'm talking about and think my videos are knowledgeable and informative, but the main issues 3 issues are the lighting, audio, and inverted camera. I record on my phone so the video is inverted by default since I record using gje front camera, I plan on investing in a camcorder soon to solve the issue. The lighting and audio definitely need to be better.. I have to invest some money into better lights and maybe a professional microphone
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/@highstimace
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/56461/
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Great sometimes small changes leads to success and I suggest if you use back camera, it will help you and there will be no need to purchase a camcorder.
Get a smart portable phone led lights .
Just try to use the material you have. Then shift to the expansive things


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Hi there High Stim Ace

I have reviewed your channel and can see what you are striving to achieve, I like the enthusiasm and passion so some points from me. My gut feeling within first secs is that if you are reviewing a pre-work-out product what is it about you that gives me confidence that you are knowledgable and have expertise, so perhaps think of a way to tell the viewer about your strengths (no pun)!. Use a mic to give a richer more pro sound and feel. I like your avatar ace of spades at an angle, but your background page image does not compliment it somehow, also try and improve your thumbnails by using repeated styles so people get to know you. Well done !