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Video Review Made a video in Manchester UK


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Well done you have some good aspects to your video, I like the way you cannot see what the presenter is seeing his expressions are genuine, it may be good to film what he sees and use a very brief B-roll of the public. I like the error screen and naturalistic feel to the real life video. Nice use of focus zoom in and music jingle too. The accent is engaging for people both in Manchester and people outside of the UK. So you could use a good thumbnail strap line to engage your audience. "This is why Mancunians are so different" or something like that....
Good work.

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Fun video, edited well and straight to the point. I think you have a nice lighthearted personality and don't take yourself too seriously. Some people can make topics like this awkward, so it's nice to see you goof off and have fun with it.

One bit of constructive criticism I'll provide is this: You need to hold the mic by the person's mouth until they finish speaking into it. You move the mic before you or they finish talking which results in the audio quality dipping sometimes, since you cannot hear the last bit of what you or the interviewee are saying.

Other than that, very nice video. Wood quality and nice editing