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Other TubeBuddy Compatibility Issue on Intel Arc Laptop


New Member
Hey everyone,

I recently purchased an Intel Arc laptop, and I've been having some trouble with TubeBuddy. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue or if there's a known solution.

The problem I'm facing is that when I try to install the TubeBuddy browser extension on my Intel Arc laptop, it doesn't seem to work properly. I've tried installing it on different browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but I encounter the same issue. The extension installs successfully, but when I click on its icon, nothing happens. It doesn't open, and I'm unable to access any of its features.

I've already checked for any conflicting extensions or software on my laptop, but I couldn't find anything that would cause this problem. I even tried disabling other extensions temporarily, but that didn't resolve the issue either.

I rely on TubeBuddy for optimizing my YouTube channel, conducting keyword research, and analyzing video performance, so this is quite frustrating. I've reached out to TubeBuddy support, but I'm yet to receive a response.

If anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any suggestions on how to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate your help. Maybe there's a workaround or a specific setting that needs to be adjusted to make TubeBuddy function properly on Intel Arc laptops.

Any insights, advice, or troubleshooting tips would be highly valuable. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,