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I'm doing every known things to my videos but not getting views someone help me please

Stanley | Team TB

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I hear this a lot... creators doing 'everything' but not getting views. This is a logical fallacy. Without a direct review I can not give you a specific examples, but in general these are the things I see when someone tells me that they have done 'everything' they can:

1. They are getting views, they just aren't getting millions of views. Or even thousands. And that is ok, it is all part of the natural process of organic growth on YouTube. If this is the case you need to focus on improving two things; your videos and your thumbnails. Make better content, plain and simple. Typically at this point I am told 'but I can't make it better because I only have my phone' or some other similar excuse. And I am afraid I can not accept that answer. I have been doing exceptional with 'just a phone' my entire tenure. In fact my brother and I won several awards at a Short Film contest before I did YouTube and we filmed out entire project using cell phones (from 2009 mind you). We beat creators with $3,000 cameras. Sorry, but you need to improve your craft not your equipment.

2. They have terrible thumbnails. I see this a lot with creators who put all of their focus on SEO. Don't get me wrong; SEO is an important, foundational tool to ensure that your videos get views for years to come. But guess what? if nobody clicks that thumbnail then nobody sees that video. It can be the greatest video in the world with all the best SEO... and it is totally worthless. Make. Great. Thumbnails. And when you do then you need to focus on making better thumbnails. This process will never stop.

3. They have not optimized a single video. It would be one thing if they had done some optimization, but man so often I hear this and the person has never even opened the keyword explorer, they have know idea what CTR or AVD means and have never looked at their retention graphs. I can guarantee you right now that you, every single person reading this and if I am being honest even myself could all stand to improve our SEO. Whether it be spending more time researching the keyword phrases we focusing on, actually creating dedicated content specific to keyword research that was done beforehand or just making sure that the SEO Score is 100% we could probably all stand to optimize our content a little better.

4. Make. Better. Videos. I know I said this in the first bullet point but seriously... name a single person who doesn't need to improve their craft? And it seems that those who say they've 'done everything' are the ones who need to improve it the most. You either think that your content is better than it is or you know it could be better and are unwilling to accept the time, work and investment required to improve it. Either way the fact remains; if you improved your content you would get more views.