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Thumbnail Feedback Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends!


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I like the video I just posted, BUT Not sure about the title and thumbnail.
It's a video of our young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel walking our Husky around the yard.

Current title is: Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends!
And here is the current Thumbnail.
Do you have any ideas to improve the title or thumbnail.

Maybe: Can a Cavalier Puppy walk a big Husky? (you know add some curiosity)

Thank you for any suggestions!


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TCC learncanva4yt

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I would think potentially changing up the words on your thumbnail so there are fewer words. like "He can walk me?" OR even depending on how the puppy is walking the husky with a leash - get a closer up picture of the puppy with the leash walking the husky around. Since you have both dogs featured in the thumbnail no need to state the breeds on the thumbnail especially since they are in the title. Hope that helps.
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