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Other Latest Playlist Video Not Showing Up at the Top of the Playlist


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My goal is to have the latest Playlist video displayed on my website. IΓÇÖve tried with my Playlist, but the newest video doesnΓÇÖt show up at the top of the list for several hours (8-10+). When I use the Channel, the newest video shows up near real-time. The problem with using the Channel is that it will display any new video, but I only want to display real-time the newest Playlist video each day.

Under my Playlist the second newest video is shown at the top of the list vs. the newest video. It will eventually show up, but it takes several hours.

Any ideas on how to get the newest video at the top of the Playlist (like the Channel List)? Please note that for my YouTube Playlist Settings, I have ΓÇ£Add new videos to the top of playlistΓÇ¥ enabled.

Any guidance on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

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You should really move this question under the YouTube Discussion board or the YouTube Strategies board. This is the Off-Topic board and very few people come here.