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Other Master's Thesis on YouTuber Burnout

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I am currently working on my master's thesis at the Medical University of Vienna. The topic is Youtuber-Burnout and in order to collect data, I created an online-survey. The data collected through the survey would then be used for a regression-analysis. The aim of this study is to identify potential risk groups among YouTubers and prevent mental health problems among them. Furthermore, I hope to be able to raise more awareness for mental health issues in general and for content creators on YouTube.

My question is, if it is even allowed to post a link to an online survey here. I have been banned without explanation before on other platforms and I had no opportunity to explain myself afterwards, so I don't want this to happen here again. I also wasn't able to contact moderators, due to my message containing "spam-like"-elements, which I don't understand since I didn't link anything. I hope you can help me out here, thanks a lot in advance!


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This is a community for YouTubers to support other YouTubers, with a focus on using the TubeBuddy tools to optimize their content.

Your posts come from an IP address that is used by spammers, and thus is automatically sent for manual approval. You have done no introduction, nor have you tried to contribute anything to this community. You just showed up and in your first post wanted permission to post a survey link for your own self-serving interests. That really seems like the behavior of a spammer. I suspect that similar behavior is why other sites are banning you.

The channel you linked has two videos and has nothing to do with your ask. You don't appear to be a TubeBuddy user and nothing in your message indicates that you intend to be.

Finally, in order to protect our community, we only allow links to a very small set of specific sites. So no, we aren't going to allow you to send our community to your survey.

My suggestion is that if you want something from this community, invest in being a part of the community first.
Not open for further replies.