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Thumbnail Feedback I make thumbnail from part of my video


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That is a very good question. I have been only able to make thumbnails by choosing from the automatically created screenshots in YouTube. I could use some advice that is easy to understand on this topic too.

Tito Tim

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There are many programs you can use to help with thumbnails. I use PhotoShop, because it is what I have and what I am used too. There are much easier and cheaper ones you can get.

For me, I like to have a thumbnail template that I can change for each video. The frame and my name are on all thumbnails, but the picture changes for each vid. I open the template and add pics from the vid.

I also use a template for my video intro/outro/subscribe animations etc. I find the templates save me a lot of time.



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I guess it's not a proper strategy to upload a thumbnail from a part of your video. Creating thumbnails using cool graphics, proper images, and font placement would increase your CTR. I would recommend you to use thumbnail templates that are available on various online graphic design tools.
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