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Community What have you learned about thumbnails and what have you changed as you have grown?


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What have you learned about thumbnails and what have you changed as you have grown? Consistency and having a theme is key! Having a person or an introducing subject reflecting of your channel also works well.

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We learned.. When creating thumbnails the ones you overthink too much, are the ones that end up not doing as well for some reason!! As well, the clarity, expression, position, font, and colors in the thumbnail all make an impact. Also, being able to realize that maybe your thumbnail isn't good enough, and keeping trying to do different things. One big key was being willing to try something new, and learn new skills to keep producing thumbnails that are better and better quality.


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Thumbnails are everything. It's the calling card to a video. In my opinion, better to have a great looking thumbnail than a quality video. Of course, the end goal is to have both a great looking thumbnail and a quality engaging video. However, a thumbnail can either make you or break you(to an extent). That being said, I'm always making improvements to my thumbnails(big or small) with every video that I produce.
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I agree better to have a fantastic thumbnail and a good video because you never get to the good if you donΓÇÖt have enough fantastic to get people there. I learned that larger, clear, and bold words work better for me.
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I've learned that thumbnails are more important than almost anything else except for capturing the listener's or viewer's attention (people mainly listen to mine and not view.) Before learning how to study the analytics I wasn't paying much attention to the thumbnails and all of my thumbnails had full video titles with a font that blended in. Now the titles are much bolder, brighter and the picture is spooky.


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I've learned to make sure that all text is readable if you use text. What I've also done before is before I would upload a video I would look at other people's thumbnails who uploaded either on a similar topic to my video or on the same topic and I would see what I could to do make mine stand out a bit more than theirs. You also don't need expensive software to create a thumbnail. I've made most of my thumbnails just by using my video editor, so most of the time I don't use a separate software than what I use to edit the rest of my video for thumbnails.
I also try to stick to the same few font styles for all my videos' thumbnails.