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In Progress Using strong keywords one after another for title?

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Jason Song

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What happens when you add two keywords that are "GOOD" back to back? I know YouTube searches from left to right and I am wondering what happens to the strength of my ability to rank.

For example, the scores for these two are:

MrBeast ASMR = 55
Beast Style Burger = 59

They are both "GOOD" but why does my score go lower if I combine them in back to back?

mrbeast asmr beast style burger = 43
beast style burger mrbeast asmr = 43

Is it because TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer sees these as one big phrase?
If yes, I can understand that from TubeBuddy's point of view.

But what about YouTube's search? Won't it search from left to right? In what chucks (for lack of better words)?

For example, will YouTube search all possibilities of the longer phrases?

mrbeast asmr
mrbeast asmr beast
mrbeast asmr beast style
mrbeast asmr beast style burger

If so, then YT should be searching for all of these ... at once? Or how? If it's read from left to right? One string after another? And which one does it show results for? A mix of all 5 strings? The top ranking one?

I hope this made sense - really curious about this though. Any help on explaining this would be great!


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If that haha gave shows up I was trying to scroll down and accidentally hit it. I think this is a good question and I'm waiting to see an answer myself. I'm sorry I can't be any help, I'm new to this myself.


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Let me know if this answers your question and I'll mark this answered.

Your questions is a great question, but it stems from a small misunderstanding of how Keywords and SEO optimization work. I frequently refer people to @Damon's reply here - Need Advice - I'm using recommended tags but I am still not ranking high in search. | TubeBuddy Forums - because it is a great explanation and, in the end, answers your question. People simply don't use YouTube search the way you describe above.

Every successful video is about exactly one thing. You are using Keyword Explorer to find the best way to describe that one thing. Damon's advice is really important to how you find that one thing. You are going to optimize your title, description, thumbnail, and video around that one thing. But there may be "sub plots". You are not going to optimize everything around your subplot - that would be silly. But you are going to include it where it makes sense without detracting from your main plot.

To your question - yes, what you are typing is being seen as one big phrase. A better thing to do would be to optimize around the main theme. Is it ASMR? Is it trying the burger? Is it making the burger? And then add additional keywords. What follows is an example, not literal use of your terms above.

Let's say "I try the Mr. Beast Burger" is your topic, but you notice there are some ASMR-like sounds in the video. Your main keyword is "I Try the Mr. Beast Burger" but you find that "Sloppy Food ASMR" also ranks high. You are going to optimize your SEO around "I try the Mr. Beast Burger" but include the SEPARATE keyword "sloppy food ASMR" where it naturally makes sense. Your title may end up being "I try the Mr. Beast Burger | Sloppy Food ASMR". Same with description and when you build your tags you would want to include both in the tags.

Hope that helps!

Stanley | Team TB

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This is correct and not a bad practice to be in. The first keyword needs to be the one that most fits the topic of the video. It is your lynchpin keyword, around which all others should surround. But yes, after that you can have a secondary keyword. It is best to keep them similar; the less focused the lens the less effective the laser. But having additional keywords added in is a good practice.
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