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Entertainment Channel hello im a newbie and i need some help...


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User name: vinnydaseriokilla
Title of introduction: hello im a newbie and i need some help...
Your name/ Alias: vinny/vinnydaseriokilla
Where are you from? palm springs, ca
How did you find TubeBuddy? saw andrews interview with djpain1
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? i just paid for a star subscription and realized i have no idea how this whole thing works im a music producer and i have a bunch of music im trying to start posting on youtube and i know that TubeBuddy is the way to make your channel into a serious contender as far as geting noticed but i am ready to start posting my music but to be honest i am having a bit of a hard time with creating a video for my music and then i dont even knw where to start once i have made a video i need to know how i should go about starting to post i dont even have one video up yet i was wondering how should post at first should i just post one video a day or a week or should i just load my first 10 videos all at once i have no idea i want to do this the right way from the start so i thought where better to look for answers than the forums so thats why im here
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: i want to be discovered i know its a long shot and i know i shuldnt expect anything spectacular but truly believe i have something that is worth being heard im not a9 to 5 er im a musician and i believe i have what it takes i just need some hep getting started im not a promoter designer or anything like that but thats whative had to become these past couple months so while im a good producer i could definetly use some help n the other aspects of this whole independent artist thing
How frequently do you upload? ive never uploaded before im a brand newbie
What are your hobbies? my music its all i do whenim not working i wake u thinking about my music and go to sleep thinking about it ive stopped dating stopped seeing my friends and family andwhile some of that is because of corona ive made it my mission to do this to get noticed and hopefully when the world does get back to normal i want to be able to say oh yeah now i am making a living doing music.
What is your biggest dream? well i think ive answered that question a couple times already but i want to bea musc producer i want t hear my music on the radi i want people to come to me looking for the dopest new sound i want to be that guy
YouTube Channel Link: UCpxo4Zq7Ym1Rva9L5JxnTHg


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Hey Vinny, welcome. One of the most overlooked resources is the TubeBuddy YouTube Channel, where you will find how to videos on using TubeBuddy and details on all of the features. Definitely worth spending some time there.

It is worth noting that if you choose to hide your sub count, some TubeBuddy features may be impacted. Most notably milestones and milestone tracking.

Again, welcome!