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YouTube Question Translating Subtitles in other languages from Auto-Generated English Subtitles - Does it help?


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Q1. YouTube auto-generates english sub-titles. I copied my auto-generated sub-title, translated it in couple of languages, edited video and added those subtitles for languages that allowed me to paste titles without timestamps and then I selected generate timestamps. Now I have subtitle for couple of extra languages for some of my videos. Will this help in views and general SEO? I did it manually without Tubebuddy.

Q2. This feature is in TubeBuddy. Does tubebuddy allow all languages to add sub-title for automatically? But some languages require you to manually add timestamps? How Tubebuddy handles that?

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We've noticed the auto-generated English subtitles have a decent amount of mistakes. We correct these first before my wife translates into Turkish (from the updated English subtitles). Even then, the translation to Turkish isn't done perfectly and she needs to correct things.

The auto-translate does a decent enough job, but it is definitely not perfect, so things may get lost in translation, just keep that in mind.

We've always done it ourselves, so can't comment on the Tubebuddy tool.