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Lifestyle Channel Living the Dream

Cariboo Ryan

New Member
User name: Cariboo Ryan
Title of introduction: Living the Dream
Your name/ Alias: Cariboo Ryan
Where are you from? West coast of Canada
How did you find TubeBuddy? I was watching a YouTube video Ryan Walsh, he told me I needed this, so here I am.
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I'm here I guess to learn and grow. I have a lot to learn this is all new to me and as much help as I can get. Easy is what I'm all about.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: My goals are to have FUN, love life and not worry so much about anything else. I'm on You Tube to share that feeling with who ever wants it. And if no one does, well whatever then.
How frequently do you upload? I just started so lots of crappy videos every other day, I'm just wingin it right now until I find a groove.
What are your hobbies? Country boy life, trucks, bikes, fishing, guns, family and friends. Lots of backyard bonfires. Though a medical condition a few years ago has changed my world. I dream of the days I can walk freely again, until then I will find other things to do like make you tube videos to entertain myself while I wait at home
What is your biggest dream? I have a blood disease and a few near death experiences have changed my perspective.
From now on...
I AM Living the dream! Every day is a good day
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfoZqoCJZl4QyFfjc6-UJ9w


Professional cat wrangler
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Hey Ryan, welcome! Looks like you are doing shorts right now. There have been some recent discussions here about shorts. If you don't see them on the specific boards, you should be able to find them in search by searching on shorts. About a month ago there was a TubeBuddy livestream on shorts you might find interesting:

There is an FAQ section you can always get to via the top navigation bar or by following this link - Frequently Asked Questions | TubeBuddy Forums

Cariboo Ryan

Cariboo Ryan

New Member
So I have a question about the shorts. Can a video rated for children make it to the short shelf?

I really don't know much about anything on here and I don't read instructions very well... So when I thought I should make videos I did not realize how much time would be involved (Always learning the hard way) I was going to just stop but then I found shorts and they looked fun and easier to make, so I tried and I have had a few make it to the short shelf, but they seem terrible to me, if I knew they would make it I would have put more effort in but whatever. Now I want to help my daughter make some and her channel is all about plastic playmobil so now I'm not sure if its worth trying to put kid stuff on the short shelf or if You Tube will even let that happen.

Any advice would be appreciated.