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Need Advice Two Versions/Videos of the Same Trip?

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In my latest video (of two), I go camping and show some of the riding I do on my atv, going through some nice country. Some people said "I really like to watch the rides, seeing cools things!" and others said "I would rather just see the highlights of the ride and pay more attention of you in camp!"

So I listened, and I was thinking, why not make TWO videos of the same trip? One that shows the interesting rides, plus my in-ride commentary, another exploring, etc. The OTHER just shows any highlights and gets into the at-camp portion quicker. In each of those videos, I'd say that the other exists and which one THIS ONE is. Also, I'd make a playlist for the longer ride videos and any other information to let people know there are two versions that exist.

What do you think about that?
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Hey, I'm going to lock this, as you are really asking for something that is better for YouTube feedback. Take a moment to follow the instructions on how to provide feedback to get feedback there.
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