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YouTube Question Views problem


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So apparently, my video views are getting lesser out of a sudden. Before i got like 6K in 24 hours but now i barely reach 2K and it happened out of no where. Any answer for this? Thanks for reading^^


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Hey there,

You don't have your channel linked to your profile so it is hard to know what might be happening. You can fix the error by following the directions here:

Stanley | Team TB

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This is likely a seasonal issue; you don't have many videos and you don't have the tenure to really look at analytics over the longterm. So understand that there are going to be geographic and social issues that are going to affect video performance. Things like this cold snap, holidays, school schedules etc are going to reflect in your views. If for example a large portion of your audience is watching your content between classes at school and now they are home shoveling snow or playing video games that is going to effect their ability to watch your channel.

Another possibility is that you had a couple real good videos right out of the gate and now your channel is coming back to Earth (because you definitely had some winners right out of the gate). I personally experienced this; my first video has been my single highest viewed video BY FAR. Haven't been able to match it again... yet. Be ready for that to be the case and persevere; if you plan your SEO strategy right then even if these videos are not immediate winners they will have a second life in search where they will continue to produce views for years on end. But be ready for that grind. Sometimes you may go a year or two without another BIGTIME winner. But at the same time you are never more than 1 video away from another banger.
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I'd check to see if your content has started being age restricted. YouTube won't always say if a channel has been "age restricted based on community guidelines" but there's a way to see if your channel has been "shadowbanned" (put into restricted mode) but viewing your channel with age restricted mode set to on, and then seeing how many of your videos actually show up.

I put JackSepticEye's channel on age restricted mode, and could only see 2 videos this year when he's a regular uploader. Even a video he did about updating on the passing of his father got age restricted. This is something Roberto Blake and Vyyyper have been looking into and seems to be becoming more of an issue over the last 2 months. I just heard on clubhouse the other day how to actually check it, and it's consistent with what people are saying, that if your video gets age restricted, without actually saying it has been (it's often been in error) that will limit your reach.

CorpseHusband has a song that's actually visible on his channel with age restricted mode turned off, and you can't find HIS song specifically in search meaning his video has been banned from search and will only show up on his channel it'self. Very strange.

I will also say, your channel is a month old. 1 week videos will naturally usually have less views than a video that's been out for a month.

You have enough views now where you can analyse your analytics to see where your audience traffic is coming from.
But other than that, I'd wait another 3-6 months to see how your traffic changes. Views are usually fairly seasonal, so being on youtube for only a month, you wouldn't have seen those seasonal dips and raises yet. So keep making your content and see how it goes in another month or two.

Also, all your videos seem to be getting copyright claimed, so I'd reconsider your intro music if you want to avoid copyright claims.
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So apparently, my video views are getting lesser out of a sudden. Before i got like 6K in 24 hours but now i barely reach 2K and it happened out of no where. Any answer for this? Thanks for reading^^

Did you ever figure it out? Mine dropped a long time ago but never came roaring back. Many of mine do not show up in restricted mode, but I don't think that many people are actually watching at libraries and hospitals. I would think most of mine are from 20 to 50 somethings with cell phones and computers who don't put their devices in restricted mode. I've been trying to figure this out for months. While my sub count grows, views do not.