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YouTube Opinion clickthrough is quite variable. you need to dig into your CTR deeper. Investigate your analytics deeply.

Beanie Draws

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So clickthrough rate is an interesting one. I'm investigating a new theory based on suggested videos. I've noticed over time that the algorithm in 2018 changed from views being the driving factor for suggested, to video completion percentage being the driving factor.
Blue was suggested... amazing times. I was being suggested just based on the fact my thumbnails had dinosaurs, and people like dinosaurs. My audience retention was low, but it didn't matter, I was getting views, so my channel was doing well on just my drawing skills, not my editing skills.
Screenshot (7264).png

I'm now investigating weather percentage of video being completed leads to more suggested views.
This video did surprisingly well over the last 90 days. It's a 3 minute video, with roughly 1 minute watched, which percentage wise means means the percentage completed is better than some other videos, so the traffic source impressions, in terms of ranking, are pretty up there with search and other impressions.
You can also see from the CLICK THROUGH RATE, that my suggested video click through rate is significantly higher than all other traffic sources... which I find really interesting. People are less likely to see this video on my channel page because of how old it is, so it's only got a 2.7, but it's apparently being watched more than some, which means it's being suggested more, and evidently the video itself is interesting enough to be clicked, based on those suggested impressions.

This video is so old I never really got around to changing the keywords, so I suspect with a thumbnail change and better keywords, it may get more search impressions too. But the fact it's getting suggested impressions, and a good click through rate for suggested is interesting.

Also notice the overall click through rate is 4.8, which is "pretty good" for me, could be improved, but when you dig into your traffic sources, you'll see that the 4.8 click through rate isn't specifically 4.8, some traffic sources have differant click through rates. It's interesting and something I'm analysing more.

Screenshot (7273).png
click through.PNG

Then there's this video, arguably one of my worst. It's long, unedited, and arguably pretty boring. 4.6% of the video has been watched, less if you sort by 365 days, so there's no way this video is going to get recommended or suggested.
(I just noticed, out of being a 40 something long video, browse and suggested have 30ish seconds watched on average... BIG OOF!)
And you can see this via my traffic source, it's not being showed in suggested, browse, not even search. People only pass by it if they see it on my channel page. I suspect MAYBE the thumbnail is it's weakness because the drawing it'self isn't horrible, but I think I made it too niche specific for halloween, and I focused on hiding it for mystery rather than just letting the artwork shine. Something I'm going to experiment with later.

Screenshot (7272).png
mummy impressions.PNG

So it looks like percentage of your video watched is what leads to more suggested and browse. If your video sucks, people aren't going to watch much of it if they get bored, and your video ultimately won't perform like it would if people watch through.

Good keywords will help you get into search which helps open the door, but if your video isn't interesting, you just have to accept you need to get better at your craft of making better videos.
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So, my conclusion is, for those who wants to get views and subscribers, the core element is that you have to have a good and enjoyable content no matter how perfect your SEO score is or how intriguing your thumbnails are. TubeBuddy is an SEO tools, doesn't mean that once you install it, you will suddenly have an increase in views and subscribers (most people misleading about this at first, including myself). BUT it helps you open the door/chance/opportunity for your channel/videos to get views or even a loyal subscribers, just like Beanie said. CMIIW

Now, about whether your content is good and enjoyable or not, that depends on the viewers perspective. You can have a god tier editing skills on your video, doesn't mean that all of the people on youtube will like it or enjoy it. They have their own taste, even a person who just throwing eggs and breaking stuff have a lot of viewers and subscribers.
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You can have a god tier editing skills on your video, doesn't mean that all of the people on youtube will like it or enjoy it. They have their own taste, even a person who just throwing eggs and breaking stuff have a lot of viewers and subscribers.

Very good point. If talent and skill were the only thing, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony would be the best selling album of all time. This is ultimately why you can't "chase" the marketplace. Some people like Bologna sandwiches. Some prefer like a beef Wellington. Honestly, most anything at the level of high art is not going to be popular.