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YouTube Tips Watch hours


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hello friends, I want to develop my YouTube channel, but I'm having problems, my problem is that I have trouble getting regular watch hours from my subscribers.
My content about my daily trips in the city of Jakarta, I am a goods courier

Stanley | Team TB

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Focus on optimizing your SEO; identify and optimize for keywords that offer traffic and are less-competitive/underserved. Do that and the traffic you get from your subscribers will no longer matter. Search and Suggested traffic will outperform what you get from subscribers ten times over.
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Beanie Draws

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You need to look at your audience retention, probably on a per video basis, so you can study the retention graph. If it drops early, it indicates that your audience is leaving early, possibly through boredom, maybe it takes you too long to get to the point of the video, maybe the video it'self doesn't reflect the thumbnail.

But also, you could be very new. We don't know how many videos you actually have, so what might feel like a problem might not even be a problem and is simply part of the journey of youtube.
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Travel Interesante

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You should also think about your story which will ultimately tie in to audience retention like Beanie suggested. What about your daily trips as a courier might an audience find interesting, i.e. are there crazy traffic moments which may seem routine now for you that would shock or surprise your viewers and can you make a story around that?

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Consistency is the key, either you can aim for high trending videos in your niche or make evergreen content. Make sure each video has a good title
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