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Need Advice We need advice to get our first few subs.

Night Terrors

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Our channel is about 1 month old, and we are currently sitting on 6 subs. I've checked our SEO, which is usually 100 for each video, and i believe we've used tags correctly. However, we're looking for any advice. Thanks a lot!

Ritik Pandey

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Hi, try the tubebuddy trial and use the weighted keyword score to optimise your videos. Also share your videos on social media platforms. if you don't share your videos, no one might.
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just keep doing what you're doing. Time, it all takes time. But, I agree with Ritik, post on social media. And, send video links via text or email and ask them to subscribe, like, comment and share.
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Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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Best advice? Have lots of patience. As @Damon said you only have 6 videos. You're literally only getting started. You can't expect growth overnight and with so few videos. Sure, we all have a chance of maybe creating a viral video someday but there's no guarantee of that and you shouldn't depend on that anyways.

Keep making videos, work on growing your content first. Forget about subs and views. Create content and see what works and focus on that. Then you'll see with time your channel could start growing. Just worry about making good content first, worry about growth later.
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Beanie Draws

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You have 6 videos in 3 weeks (great output by the way) so the views you're getting are pretty decent for just starting out.

Right now, I'd say stop caring about how many subs you may or may not be getting, and focus on getting more videos out there.
People generally don't subscribe to channels with only a handful of videos that are only a month old because that channel doesn't have any social proof yet. Once you have more videos out, you'll notice more growth.

One other issue is you do horror content which is most likely to get age limited, meaning your potential audience will be reduced.

Take a look at coprse husband. Analyse his channel and how long he's been doing it and how many videos he's got. It's a similar channel so would be good to study. And overall it's just a matter of getting good content out, and time.


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Tell your friends and family about it as well as some feedback so you can improve and just keep going it doesn't happen overnight for everyone it is a marathon ;)


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Share to your friends and family social media groups.. You will get a good number there for a good start ...

Stanley | Team TB

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Hey, you have a solid start to your channel, well done! I would suggest that you maybe spend a little more time researching your keywords; on your Valentine's Day stories vid you didn't rank for a single term. It appears as though you optimized well for several, which means that they just weren't good keywords to use (at least I suspect that is the case; the other option is that your video performed well and while that is possible I thought the video quality was too good for this to be the case).

I would also suggest that you make an adjustment to your subscriber call-to-action. You include it at the beginning with the introduction that uses that creepy sound effect. Sounds cool, but I would suggest doing a genuine request for the viewer to subscribe with the actual narration every single video. It's more personal. Otherwise it just kinda seems like a leftover, unimportant part of an intro that is going to garner much less attention IMO.

Enjoyed your work, keep it up! You have a cool channel!