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Entertainment Channel Anime Edit Channel looking for COLLABORATION!!

Hai Erimakishigi

New Member
User name: Hai Erimakishigi
Title: Anime Edit Channel looking for COLLABORATION!!
Age: 16 and above
Type of collaboration: I like to find an anime editing channel. For example, edits, clip, AMV, Memes. Just about an anime. And I needs it's a clean channel, no bad word or nudity
Amount of Subscribers: 300 and above
Ways to contact you: Reddit
Why should they collaborate with you: My channel, is an anime edit channel. I made an edits, compilation, anime noises, some clips. My most viewed in amount 156k views. And my total views is 500k currently. And, I really hoped for finding an anime channel to help each other and raise our Youtube Channel
Link to Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCRH7Jh1XIGr2NWzFZcRJGtA