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Need Advice Is it good to use YT Shorts to promote my videos?


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Hello everybody!
I'm trying to use the YouTube Shorts and I was wondering, I post music videos (3-4min lenght) but I always do a short clip of the music for my Instagram account and post on Reels (30 sec).
So is it good to post this short clip on the YT shorts too?
And if it is, it's better to post before? Like a teaser?
Or after, to promote the full video?
Or it would be better to record other songs that are not in my channel?
Thank you!


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I've seen some YTers use Shorts as trailers for their videos. I know Daniel Batal has done it and it works well. Shorts can be the individual video equivalent of a channel trailer or an animated thumbnail for your video.

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This is my approach, and it has been mildly successful. You need to do it in such a way so that it doesn't alienate your pre-existing audience (the value of shorts are primarily in the exposure they provide). So for example of you put out a full-length vid on Thursday you could post a shorts 'trailer' a few days before. That way it helps hype the upcoming video as well as providing your audience with a 'sneak peak.'