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YouTube Tips Posting videos often

Real Truth

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I been at this for a while. I just started to take it serious and do my homework and Subs are coming in. One, IΓÇÖm trying to have quality videos Anne information to my audience. 2. Thumbnails. I loved Tubebuddys but now IΓÇÖm using more Canva. Especially with the new TubeBuddy face comparison on thumbnail tool. I got into groups and ask for people to just review my channel. Lastly I wait for some news to come out and try to post a quick vid quickly before competition. When I post vids I make sure I add cards and end screen to seem to other vids. I also now attach similar but top ranked channels. Been watching videos on this. Well I got a couple hits and itΓÇÖs working. I also created an Instagram and IΓÇÖm using Twitter. Oh. Hashtags in title, keywords and description. Focusing on SEO. BUT IM PUSHING 3- or 4 vids a day. But not losing quality or I wonΓÇÖt do it. It is really hard work but itΓÇÖs fun. Facebook grips have helped. And when I share something I use hashtags. I lucked out and got a few videos get hits and then some older ones. I did do a Google add on one of my top ones. So my goal is just to stay hungry like I donΓÇÖt have any. Anymore advice would be helpful.
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You seem to be doing great. My only advice is to have patience and don't expect success so quickly as it can have devastating results on a person's emotions if they don't see results from all the hard work. It takes time and patience plus you'll also want to make sure you're having fun doing this. It helps a lot to enjoy the experience as much as possible. It helps make the work easier to manage.