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TubeBuddy Suggestion Bulk see which videos have cc/automatic translation added

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Sadly YouTube doesn't prioritize this, if this gets more community support I'll see what we can do :)
To be honest, I'd love to be able to somehow see indications from the "content" page (used to be videos, but youtube gonna youtube and change things) on what best practices have and haven't been added. Currently I'm in the process of making a super large spreadsheet just so I can remind myself what videos have CC and end cards etc, and what don't because there's no easy way to see that, and once you have over 100 videos that gets very difficult to manage.
YouTube also waste a lot of space showing information that isn't SUPER important, when they could easy move the space down a bit, to include "includes cc" "no cc" "no end cart" etc. so this gets my vote.

The only real challenge would be that it seems YouTube have auto generated captions sometimes, and I'm not sure if this would impact reporting if a video has captions or not. It would need to clarify if the videos have auto captions, or custom/uploaded captions
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