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YouTube Opinion Seeing other people having sudden spikes of subs in a day although both of us make the same content and I get more views.


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Ngl. It really gets me mad when other people get more subs then me although i have much more views than them. Sometimes I think they might be getting fake subs however youtubes system can easily get rid of them so that makes me wonder why dont people sub to my channel as 60% of my viewers are not subscribed which is quite fustrating as a aspiring youtuber. Kinda fustrating as all my rivals have much more subs than me even though i make longer videos than them and put more days of work into my videos trying to make them the best they can be, I sometimes wonder how i can get these viewers that dont seem to subscribe to my channel to subscribe to my channel. Idk this is quite fustrating but meh. I guess if I put more effort in my videos than I should stand out more. Well hopefully that happens otherwise my dream of getting monetized this year may crumble.

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I understand your frustrations. Gaining subscribers is tricky. You don't have any DIRECT control over who subscribes and who doesn't. The best you can do is keep pushing your content out and improving with each and every video! Sometimes, viewers have to watch a channel A LOT before they actually press the subscribe button. There are some channels that I've watched 15+ videos of theirs, and I still haven't subscribed to them! That doesn't mean their content isn't great, and it doesn't mean I don't like them. I just haven't subscribed yet. Try not to beat yourself up by comparing to others :)

Also - 60% is great! My number would hurt your heart lol. 94.1% of my viewers are NOT subscribed! You're doing really great with that percentage. Just keep your head up and keep trying to improve!


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40% of the views from subscribers is really high! For my channel, last year 97,5% not subscribed.

Do you get good audience retention? On average I get far more subs from videos with high audience retention than I get from videos with low.

I sometimes wonder how i can get these viewers that dont seem to subscribe to my channel to subscribe to my channel.

A good tip is to start with yourself. You have probably watched thousands of YouTube videos in your life but you only subscribed to a handful of the thousands of channels behind does videos. What made you subscribe to the few you actually subscribed to and why didn't you subscribe to the rest?

Also I did check out your channel, right now you have very few videos, only 8 videos. In 2021 where there are channels with thousands of videos 8 videos is really nothing. Still I would say that you are doing really well, very few channels get 99 subscribers in 8 videos and get hundred of views on each video. But still with only 8 videos I wouldn't worry at all about subscribers your focus should be on creating more quality content. Set a goal like 100 videos before the summer and try to make each new video better than the previous one. Subscribers and views will follow.
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