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Gear Advice What gear should I use for my videos?

Oasis Music

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You don’t need professional gear to grow your channel. You can use your phone cámara to start with and natural lighting. For editing you can use iMovie or KineMaster. Does apps are simple to use and understand. Good look.

Manmeet Sawhney

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use your phone for recording..you can use natural lights
if u want it to be professional u can get these things (i have)
1 Green/blue screen (buy from amazon)(click here to buy the green screen i use)
2 ring lights for face (Click here to buy ring light i use)
3 mic (i use boya mic) (click here to buy the mic i use)
4 proper lighting for green screen (uneven lighting of green screen will give u green spots in your video) (click here to buy the umbrella light i use) (just use the led provided.. umbrella is removeable )
5 Editing software..i use filmora and premiere pro (if u r using green screen filmora is good for the chroma key effect) (do main editing from adobe one)
Buy filmora from here.. Buy premiere pro from here

Have a good day!


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Just wanted to add something here. Since I do screen recording, I dont need lighting equipment. But, if I need to show myself, I use the lighting equipment. Usually a tiktok light, a bulb in umbrella (i am not sure about the exact word), and tripod. I use natural light from window.