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YouTube Question Subscriber watch time


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So I have had a subscriber watch time of around 2%

It's the same over the last 48 hours - as over lifetime

I guess that's really poor?

My channel is things I am interested in, and so a little schizophrenic

I have Original Music content, Original Comdey and what I call Original Wonder

The music stuff is super unpopular - with everyone [hooray]

Some of the other videos get views. But I guess I raise awareness by FB or Reddit. So maybe even if someone subs, they maybe don't come back to the channel.

I know it's a new channel [in terms of subs] - still should I be worried

Is 2% far too low [of my watch time being from subs vs people not subbed]

I am about to make a massive subscriber push. Never really bothered before. But I will be using a radio show I present, and the usual FB/Reddit type places. So I was checking, as I expect my sub count to grow quickly over the next month or so... but I expected the views from subs to go down... but then I saw it was already [what I consider] very low

Should I hold off pushing for subs? Until I can get better engagement from the ones I already have? Or does it not really matter. If my views come from mostly non-subs, and mostly from off YouTube, that maybe doesn't matter to YouTube????

Any views or advice of this topic... and if anyone can reveal their subscriber % of view time [48hr and lifetime] that would all be of interest

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Final question

Is there a menu I can get to [on YT or TB] that gives me loads more info on subscribers?

Maybe their YT names

Maybe which country they are in

Maybe what video that person saw to join

Maybe gender, age, etc???

Is there a way to deep dive your sub list?

Thanks x


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Lots of questions, and here are some answers in no specific order.
  • If a subscriber makes their profile available to channels they subscribe to, you can see their username. If not, there is no way to see it. It is built-in YouTube studio functionality.
  • 2% watch time is poor, especially in the first 48 hours when you would expect your subscribers to watch and boost your content.
  • You need to focus down to a niche. If your channel is all over the place, people won't know what to expect and won't subscribe. If I want to watch cooking stuff, I subscribe to cooking channels. Not random channels that sometimes post cooking videos. Same applies.
  • Viewer demographics are available once you have enough views. That is basic YouTube Studio functionality
One of the biggest factors uses to decide to promote your content is average view duration. You need to spend some time improving your content quality and focusing on putting out content that people want to watch. That doesn't mean people will watch 100%, but you want them to watch the majority of your videos.


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By 48 hrs

I mean my numbers/analytics over the last 48 hours [and not the first 48 hrs of a particular videos life]

So the numbers are for every video [the whole channel] for the last 48 hrs, and for the lifetime of the channel. Been putting videos out for about 8 months.

In regards engagement, I don't know what's good - or right/normal

But the 'normal' videos tend to get 1k+ views. Though I usually only have 30 - 40% retention.

I guess it might be the curse of having the different facets to the channel - that I won't become successful. I want to be able to put the videos I want... so maybe it's more of a 'my' channel. Things I am interested in that 'week'. Like I did an expose on a vitamin company and gave away a free eBook [that took nearly 7 full days to write]. Also if I write a song, or respond to comments on how bad the last song was... I know very few people will watch - but it's just what I do, at that time.

You are right, about it not having a firm focus. But I guess the channel is about me. My sense of humour - is the same in the projects.

Though I may well change and maybe get more focussed on one type of video as I go.

Like the next six videos - I won't be able to be in front of camera, as my nice camera is off to be fixed... so they will be different to the other videos in that sense.

[To get back to the original subject] I wish there was more detailed info on the subscribers. Not names, or accounts... but where they are from... demographics they hit/etc

I am fearful that I can do radio call outs and easily bump sub numbers - but I doubt those subs will be all that engaged in the content.

So not sure what to do.

If anyone has their engagement numbers - especially if they have been going for around a year. I think my would be very low, as even if all my sibs watched a video I put out... but the video gets 2k views... then obviously it's going to be a low over percent. So maybe as the subs grow the % will go up? Hmm

Also I note many channels have 2m subs - and then their videos may usually get 5 - 10k ... so maybe low engagement - is normal... mine is being highlighted by the fact I have so many unique viewers on the videos

Right end of ramble

Thanks for taking the time to help