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Vlog Channel Hey! I am really new to this platform, still learning and making myself be more knowledgeable about the algorithm and all. I am now staring to vlog, b


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User name: Bokya
Title of introduction: Hey! I am really new to this platform, still learning and making myself be more knowledgeable about the algorithm and all. I am now staring to vlog, but for my current videos on my youtube channel I am just posting mostly about dog/animal. But, soon I will be making more informative videos. I am aspiring to be one of the successful youtuber that is why i am here.
Your name/ Alias: Bokya
Where are you from? Philippines
How did you find TubeBuddy? TubeBuddy was actually introduced to me by watching Anne Dubbe's video on youtube.
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I found it very interesting, and I can see that TubeBuddy can guide, support, and help me to grow my channel. I am not just actually after for promoting myself, but I am here because I believe this is one of the avenues for me to grow as a newbie YouTuber.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: First, I have a lot of ideas to be posted on my channel. Somewhat like dissemination or awareness in different aspect in life, that makes everyone listen to it. Like, Mental Health awareness, tips, advice, suggesting something that could make a huge impact on anyone who watched my video. But, since I am yet not too fully knowledgeable on what to-dos, I will just be taking paces slowly until I can make a concrete scheme. Second, to prove to myself that, maybe, in this platform, I can be someone in the eyes of the people who bring me down to be the first who would be proud of myself.
How frequently do you upload? As much as possible I edit and upload "daily" but since I am currently a full time regular employee, so, I can only upload video "weekly"
What are your hobbies? I love dancing, I love writing, talking to myself in front of a mirror. I also love to cook, and oh! I love watching drama movies.
What is your biggest dream? For now, my biggest dream would be a successful YouTuber in less than a year. I know this isn't possible especially that I am here in TubeBuddy. I believe this makes my way brighter with the wisdom of these people behind this platform.
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ6Z9cBAr5y71vdzyggSl6A/videos
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Welcome! Thank you for the thoughtful introduction!

There are a couple of common questions we see from people who just joined the forum.

First - How do I fix the error at the bottom of my posts? You can fix it by following these instructions to add a "Subscribe" button:

Second - How do I get access to the Promotion board and how do I ask for YouTube Feedback? You can learn more about the requirements here:

A lot of the same questions come up frequently (how do I grow? how do I get subs?) and many of those answers are pinned at the top of each board. You can also search the forums using the search box at the top of the screen.
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