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YouTube Question How to increase views on video?


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hello everyone, please explain how to increase the number of views on my video, I have maxed out SEO but it looks like YouTube doesn't recommend my videos to other people, can anyone help me?


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So I find if you have perfect SEO and you're not getting views, it's either that your topic isn't interesting enough for audiences to want to click, or your thumbnails aren't appealing (and your thumbnails unfortunatly are rather messy and cluttered)

Also, look at the audience retention graph of the videos. Even with a few views you will see exactly where in your video people stopped watching. If people stopped watching within seconds, that's why your video isn't getting views because YouTube won't recommend videos that people keep clicking off. So you have to study your watch time graph and if there's a sudden drop off early on, it means your intro needs work, or you take too long to get to the point of your video.

But the best SEO in the world can't save a video with a boring topic. I know, I've tried. I've tried doing videos for myself that I found interesting, and came up with ranking seo and it was simply an uninteresting topic that no one wanted to watch, so I didn't get views, that was my lesson learned.
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