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Need Advice Views stopped


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A few things...
  1. Your thumbnails aren't terrible, but they can be improved. The text is hard to read and isn't necessarily needed. I'd look at large cooking channels and see how their thumbnails are, and emulate them for your own channel.
  2. Your titles are not very click-friendly for humans. Ideally, only 1 or 2 keywords should be used- not 4. For example, your titles should look like: "How to Bake Cassava Cake - Cassava Cake Recipe" not "Fresh Cassava Cake Recipe | How To Bake Cassava Cake | Cassava Cake Using Fresh Cassava".
  3. Your video descriptions are far too short. You need to provide more information about each video, and you should include a step-by-step recipe instruction list in every description for people to read.
Try making these changes and see where things end up!

Beanie Draws

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Your not using any searchable keywords meaning no one is searching for your videos outside of searching for your titles.

Your thumbnails need work, a thumbnail that doesn't look inviting won't get clicked, meaning you won't get views.

Your second most recent video is age restricted because it's about cooking with a controlled substannce. While cannabis is being legalised in some countries, it's still illegal in many countries meaning that you're teaching how to use a controlled substance which means YouTube will restrict and suppress it from being shared out.

But overall I think you'd benefit from learning some extra photography, lighting tips, and how to create more clickable thumbnails. Thumbnails are very tricky to learn how to do when you've had no experience in art or design, but are the most important element outside of SEO in getting a click.

Once you start using keywords, learn to make better descriptions (DON'T use just hashtags as a description which is what you're doing) and have some more appealing thumbnails, your views should raise a bit more.
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start targetting a good medium length keyword and optimise your video for that. Tubebuddy has got SEO Studio which can help you get organic views.

Also dont forget to use the social medias