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YouTube Question Who is facing the January slump?


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Na, for fishing January marks the "beginning" of the "season." Most fishermen begin buying new gear and planning spring trips. For me the slump happens after Thanksgiving and lasts until New Year's Day.
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Definitely. I took the month off; filmed a series at the end of December and Im using January to really guve it a good treatment in everything from editing to SEO and promotion. Gonna hit the ground running in February


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Since my game I been making videos on is currently transitioning to html5, I am currently unable to play and make videos on it. So instead I've been experimenting with youtube shorts a bit to see how they work with my channel because I don't know officially when my game will be back and running and probably don't wanna take a full month off YouTube. The youtube shorts don't take super long to make because they are short videos and don't really require a lot of editing, at least the ones I've been making. So it is a bit of a different pace this month than I've been doing before the Flash player version of the game went down.

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Whi is facing the January slump with channel performance and what are you doing to lift your channels nd videos out of it?
I've experienced the "January slump" for 5 years now. I just spend that time preparing content for Feb, or analysing my analytics to try and make febuary less of a slump. And of course, you can keep your mind off it, by responding to the comments you do get :)
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