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YouTube Question Placeit worth it for YouTube


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This didn't seem to fit in 'gear', or Thumbnail sub forums

I hope this is the best place[it] for this

Anyone have Placeit?

Is it worth the $90 a year to you?

I would only use it for YT. So I guess mainly end cards, and Thumbnails

Will it give them a good boost?

What else on YT do you use it for, and does it add value for you?

Are their better options? I much prefer lifetime subscriptions - rather than ongoing payments like this.

Thanks for any opinons on this [esp negative ones from users past or present] and any other products

Thanks x


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Getting end card templates may not increase your subs or your views.But thumbnails defnitely will. But spending such a budget on it will not be my suggestion. Try canva or try using free photo editors. They often give you the same results.


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Canva gets recommended here a lot because its free tier is more than enough for most people. PlaceIt seems to be about the same. Generally speaking you will find more people here familiar with Canva.

While many of these services have thumbnail templates, many of them seem to be repurposed from other uses and aren't specifically "YouTube thumbnails" so lots of people opt to use other free software like GIMP, PowerPoint, Keynote (Mac) or similar to give them more tools and flexibility.

All of that said, I tend to use Canva a lot for quick work.