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YouTube Question I am new to YouTube

Teawings Readings

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Hello there I am Teawings, I am an intuitive reader and new to the YouTube world . I wondered what would be your best advice as I am starting off blindly and unsure how to attract people to view? Many thanks for your help


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I would start by watching the videos on the TubeBuddy YouTube channel and learn how to use all of the tools that come with TubeBuddy. The read all of the popular and stickied posts on this forum. Doing a bit of homework will get you far.

Next, check out some of people who have done livestreams for TubeBuddy. Generally speaking, they have channels focused on helping people grow their channels.

Finally, join the TubeBuddy Discord server and watch/participate in Feedback Friday for a live look at things people can do to improve their channel and videos.