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Thumbnail Feedback Recently started a youtube channel for my pet. Need some review on my thumbnail.


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Benji- the beautiful dog.jpg

Need some honest feedback about my youtube thumbnail.


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When I shrink this down to the size most people will see it, the brown in your dog blends into the brown in the background. You can solve this by adding an outline around the dog or by using a lighter background that allows the dog to stand out.
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The dogs tail is cut off

And the reddit bit bottom right - will be blocked by the info YouTube put over the thumbnails - best to keep text away from bottom right of thumb nail

But I am a newbie - so listen to others... x
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The text is fine, but a bit big. The font choice is a good one and will be readable in even half the size.
And zoom in much MUCH closer into the pupper's head. You can easily crop in to about the the shoulder and let your doggo's eyes be the star of the thumbnail.

Pets are the gift that keep on giving and it's hard to have a bad thumbnail with a dog :) just zoom in a lot closer in so your dog's face can really be seen.

Might just add, I really like the colours overall, and for some reason, that brown background and pastal blue go wonderfully together. Great job on the colour choices.

You actually might be able to get away with giving the dog an outlline using that same blue colour. Give that a shot. Be interested to see what kind of CTR you end up getting with this one :)
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