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Need Advice Video Ideas


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Hi Everyone,

I've recently started my channel, I am hoping to have a channel like Summer xo or Demi Donnelly. I don't want to be too professional, I want my videos to be fun for girls around my age (23). I love watching story times, Q&A's etc. However I have no idea what I could do for my next video. I really don't want to do any tutorials or hauls at the moment but I'd love to do a video where I can just talk and show my chatty personality. I'm the most talkative person ever. Has anybody got any ideas I could use for my new videos?


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I suggest seeking inspiration by watching others and then following their lead. It helps to keep the topic relevant towards a particular keyword ohrase for search sake (this is a grest practice to get into). And then just run with it. See what happens!


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If you are trying to find video ideas, start Googling things. Look in the "People Also search for" sections. For example, if you want to do a "How-to" video, then you search, quite simply, "How to do things" in google. Then, Google will supply a number of autogenerated outcomes in the dropdown, and a section for "People also search for" appear. This is google's way of showing you "This is what people are looking for!"

You can also do "How to do *" Which will show a different list.

At the very bottom of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), there is also a section called
Searches related to "Query entered"

This is another flag for finding topics people are actually searching for on google. The same applies to YouTube, which is technically a Search Engine. Google doesn't tell you the search volume, but they are telling you that people ARE looking for it.