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Lifestyle Channel 9 to 5 is the bane of my existence. I will break free or die trying.


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User name: fightthewheel
Title of introduction: 9 to 5 is the bane of my existence. I will break free or die trying.
Your name/ Alias: Caleb
Where are you from? I'd like to say earth, but since we humans cannot work with that, I'm gonna say Denmark. A tiny country in northern Europe.
How did you find TubeBuddy? I think it was on youtube while searching for stuff related to starting a youtube channel. Can't remember the names... Or can I? Nick Nimin & Roberto Blake were some of the people recommending Tubebuddy (had to go to Tubebuddy.com to see their names haha).
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? We're all in this together, and sitting for myself being only inside my own head limits the potentiel. Usually I'm not an avid forum poster. I'm too busy running in circles. Maybe it will change. There's something fun and challenging about Youtube that makes me think I'd even like to do this in the long run.

I love to inspire others, which is also what my channel is all about. Donno, people here are probably plenty inspired already, but we'll see. Perhaps, I can find a way to be of use.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: Financial independence for myself and all my viewers.
How frequently do you upload? I upload every Sunday unless editing takes too long. Then it will be the next day. My wife is tired of me getting up at 8:00 and going to bed at 04:00 on editing day :) So better subscribe to get notified in case I miss it. Don't want you to wait in vain. Let the videos come to you. See what I did there? ;)
What are your hobbies? Hobbies.. Youtube is my new hobby. Everything else is now secondary. Did I say I have a daughter? She's lovely too, but not really a hobby. Been trying to create a free life for about 12 years now. It's not a hobby either. It's my calling. I can't help it and my mind explodes as soon as I try to relax. I guess Youtube is it. If travel can be considered a hobby, then I pick that one too.
What is your biggest dream? Financial independence, happiness, love, smack someone in the face who's destroying earth for personal/corporate gain. In that order.
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnR61xcp8Cw_2OyyroUw4BQ


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There are some common questions we see from people who just joined the forum.

How do I get access to the Promotion board and how do I ask for YouTube Feedback? You can learn more about the requirements here:

A lot of the same questions come up frequently (how do I grow? how do I get subs?) and many of those answers are pinned at the top of each board. You can also search the forums using the search box at the top of the screen.
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Hello buddy welcome to the community. Glad to have you here.

You can ask any doubts here
I or other people in the community will help you out.
before you ask any question in the community check the FAQs
If the question is not here someone will help you.
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