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Sound Effects World

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I Own A YouTube Channel Related To Sound Effects . Give Me Feedback About My Thumbnails


  • Air Conditioner.jpg
    Air Conditioner.jpg
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  • Among Us Round Start.png
    Among Us Round Start.png
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  • Among Us Theme Song.png
    Among Us Theme Song.png
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  • Crickets Chirping.jpg
    Crickets Chirping.jpg
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  • Dogs Barking.png
    Dogs Barking.png
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  • Footsteps Sound Effect.png
    Footsteps Sound Effect.png
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Beanie Draws

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It's actually pretty good that the amount of thumbnails show display as small format, because that's how they'd be recommended, and because of this I can see some slight issues, and that's mostly just with the text needing some drop shadow. The dogs barking sound effect especially gets lost around the dogs legs. The air conditioner sound effect, "sound" gets lost in the white area of the dash board. "footsteps sound effect" the footsteps word gets lost in the pavement. "among" gets lost in the among us one. All of these can be fixed with some drop shadow to help with contrast.

The hyena sound effect in small form was a bit hard to tell it was actually a hyena, so I'd go with a zoom in on the hyena's head only. the cricket gets a little lost, so I'd zoom in on it and boost the contrast up.

The sound effects logo is also inconsistently placed, and seems sound effects are the theme, I'd actually make them more dominant in the top left of each thumbnail to make the soundwave more obvious.

Overall though, not bad at all.


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I think @Beanie Draws pretty much covered it. If you stick with that font color, and there is nothing wrong with doing so), you may want to add a stroke around the characters so that it stands out from the background across all different types of backgrounds. If you look at the "Dogs Barking Sound Effect" you will see how it can blend into the background with out an outline/stroke.
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