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YouTube Question how did you manage to make yourself known more on youtube and what are the things that you have improved over time

Stanley | Team TB

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My single best answer to this is that I made it a solid focus to be an authority in my field. I spent years studying YouTube and a lifetime learning how to fish. When people have questions I have answers and if i don't have answers I have access to resources. My colleagues know that if they come to me I will treat them with respect, that i will give them answers and honest criticism.

This did not blow up my sub count... I've watched as fellow YouTubers have grown to the 100,000 and more subscriber milestones. But now, years later... despite having not made it big I am a YouTuber who has earned the respect of dozens of channels ranging in size from hundreds of subs to millions.

And as such I can say with confidence that my time will come.


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What's been key for my channel:
1. Realizing that YouTube is a search engine.
2. To get views I need to show up in the search results.
3. I'm not the only channel wanting to show up in the search results, it's very hard to compete with much larger more popular channels.
4. As a small channel I need to focus on less competitive sub niches to be able to compete in the search results.
5. Each new video is a new way for people to find my channel, I need to create more videos.
6. My thumbnails or lack of thumb nails where very crappy, few people would click them.
7. For YouTube to start recommending my videos people need to watch them for a long time (audience retention) and interact with them, commenting, linking etc.
8. My videos where crappy when it come to audience retention (often around 15-35%) so I needed to start making better videos.
9. You can learn a lot from studding your statistics.
10. You can learn a lot from studding other people inside your niche that are doing better than you.
11. Interact with your viewers. Answer every single question you get, even if it requires a decent amount of your time to find the answer.
12. Try to focus on a few things. You can't be know and respected for a 100 different things, pick one or a few and really shine in does fields.

Beanie Draws

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I've always kinda let my thumbnails and videos speak for themselves. I've never wanted to be "known" but rather, I've wanted people to be interested in my art, so I've simply tried to present my art in the best way possible through thumbnails and video. My videos could be improved a lot, but even before I was focusing on keyword best practices, I feel my thumbnails were always solid enough to get some basic attention.

For me, it was a case of having the right topic (dinosaurs, pretty evergreen) my passion (art, evergreen) and time (Jurassic World release) so the mix just meant I had to make the right videos that were popular enough with the right audience around the Jurassic World release. So I focused on drawing dinosaurs from the trailer, the trailers and film release were pretty big, my thumbnails basically showed you what you were going to get, and the titles were straight to the point, which ended up being searchable enough that people found them and watched, so I didn't have to do a huge amount.

Anyone who's known me for any amount of time knows I love dinosaurs and art, so I made a reputation for myself, and the evergreen nature of my channel did the rest. I didn't even really need to advertise, I was just discovered organically through time.

So never underestimate the power of a good thumbnail and a topic that is interesting to the right people who share your passion. And for the love of all that's good, don't just do something because you hope you'll get views. The more you do something just for the views, the more of a chore it will feel like, and the more disappointment you'll feel when you don't get the results you expected. I just do what I enjoy, it doesn't always get me the views I hope for, but I enjoy the craft of drawing and sharing my art, so any views I do get is a bonus.

Over time my knowledge about analytics, what to look for in analytics, and learning keyword strategies has been improving. My titles and topics are what I'm not focusing on this year, and how to interpret the data better.


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Make good quality content. Stay persistent, post frequently and the same day & time during the week. DON'T GIVE UP!
Stay grateful, humble and blessed.


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I focus on the audience and how I can serve them well. I also implement a process of spending specific days doing keyword research & thumbnail, some days for just filming, and others for editing and optimizing the video when uploading.

Simply Simmer

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I try to improve SOMETHING on every single video. Whether it's changing the design of a thumbnail, putting more thought into a description, etc. I try to take what works and apply it across my channel, and make improvements to things that aren't working :)