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Why Would I Subscribe to This?!...

Stanley | Team TB

Amazingly Decent and Not-At-All Terrible Fishing
TubeBuddy Staff
Subscriber Goal
Ok, so I do a fishing channel on YouTube...

And now that the majority of people reading this have left I am going to go ahead and promote my Twitch channel!

What Do I Do and Why Do I Do This?
I am not going to cram a bunch of streams down your throat. In all likelihood I am not going to play the games that you want to see people play (I LOOVE The Forest, will occasionally play Minecraft with my daughter and I like to farm in RDR2). But I offer a fun one-on-one experience, I am happy to discuss YouTube stuff as we play, I'm vocal and energetic and secretly...

I am studying what is happening behind the scenes of a Twitch channel so that I can discuss the topic more fervently here.

If you would like to be a part of this experiement, or if you enjoy a salty-sailor taking a crack at survival streaming, or if you just want a Twitch friend then please join me!