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Video Review Long and detailed videos feedback (in this case, Copyright Law)


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User name: blackbeltsecrets
Title of thread: Long and detailed videos feedback (in this case, Copyright Law)
Self review: I have no doubt that my content is accurate and applicable because I'm a barrister (English lawyer!) but I have some concerns that the length of the video may stop people from watching. I have included some other clips over the top to keep it interesting but I'm wondering whether changing up my location such as including a "walkabout" Section talking about the law, á la Casey Neistat would work? Also I'm hoping you like the quality of the video and lighting because I just got my Canon 90D after being bitterly disappointed with the 7D Mark II (which wasn't cheap!) I don't want the lighting to come off as too cheap or tacky, so, hopefully, it just adds a nice dimension - what do you think? Any other thoughts/criticism welcome! Thanks.
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://youtu.be/iiISz9qBkkQ

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/36642/post-114152

Stanley | Team TB

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I don't know what to say... I got nothing. Couldn't criticize a single element of this video. Loved how stacked the information was and the telling of the back and forth with the BBC. It's really cool seeing this through your eyes. Yeah, the Casey walkthrough concept may have been a cool approach; if you are having retention issues its worth trying. But I didn't need it on my end. I was glued to the video the whole time and there was nothing wrong with the length at all IMO.


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I think it is solid, but will try and address your lighting question. It is fine. You don't have to really do anything else. BUT, an overhead light shining at the back of your head will help pop you out from the background. I would also either (1) dim the lamp behind you, or (2) brighten your key light for the same reasons.


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Great video and very helpful! This sort of clears up a little bit why I see some Formula1 channels use material from the F1 organisation but not be taken down.

When watching this as mostly a newbie to copyright law there is a LOT of new information coming at me. You have already put some key points up on the screen but it might be good to have some more of it on screen. Like bullet points in a presentation. That works for me but not sure if other people would see it that way.
At some point you switched over to talking about your case with the BBC but there was nothing visual to help seperate this section of the video from the part before that. Might be good to add some text on screen to indicate this and add chapters to your video.

Hope it works out and you'll be allowed to keep making those videos. Def. an interesting series!

Jason Song

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You have good content but I think there could be improvements. Here's my honest review.

- It's too early into the video for you to plug your other channel; You're afraid people will stop watching so I would make it so that the meat of your video starts right away.
- Your intro is too long and wordy and my focus was starting to wane as you kept talking
- Your music starts from the intro and into the topic with no breaks so it's tough to tell if you're still talking about the intro or you've got into the main topic. I suggest switching to a new song
- When you're talking about the rules, perhaps list some of the main ones out on text or give examples in visual form; your voice is on the monotone side so you'll need to stimulate the viewer somehow but you continuing to keep talking without changing the pace becomes monotonous
- "What is copyright and why?" This should be displayed on the screen. That way there's a break in your presentation. It refocuses the audiences' attention.
- You were talking about use of the copyright but then the music changed to a different track. Keep the same track for the same topic.
- "Fair use can only be decided by a judge" - ok fine but why are you showing someone woman typing on a laptop in a meeting? The clip should be related to what you are saying that way the audience can connect to what you are saying by hearing and also visually. Put a clip of a judge calling sentences or something like that. Do this for all your points.
- This video is too long. People cannot digest all of this info in one sitting. Break it into 3 parts - this will be better for your analytics anyway - otherwise people will judge based on the entire video.
- You should be more animated: use hand movements, gestures, facial expressions, change the tone of your voice. You want people to be engaged to what you are saying. What you put out is what you will receive.

Just my two cents. Your video quality was excellent though. However, this should not be on the top of your list of worries. Presentation is key. You have good content just the delivery can be improved.


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Wow - I thought this was really engaging! You talk at a great pace and I love how the footage keeps changing - it keeps the viewer watching watching than switching off when someone talks at a camera for 10 mins straight. I thought the video quality is really good, as well as the audio but maybe slightly brighter lighting / daylight could be better (this is if I'm really picking at fine details).

Honestly I'm struggling to think of that many criticism points. Maybe adjusting the tone of your voice more might help with audience retention and engagement. Overall I'd say the video was very professional and informative. I actually really enjoyed it despite it not being the type of video I'd normally choose to watch.