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YouTube Opinion Keep watch of your playlist SORTING on your home page.

Beanie Draws

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So I've been going with the custom playlists strategy for a while (instead of going with the default "uploads" on the home screen, you make a new playlist and call it something like "my most recent videos" or something more personal)

For the longest time now I've always made sure that my most recent video, is added to the most recent video playlsit I've made


I noticed in passing that it's actually NOT on my home screen and I was wondering why not?

not there.PNG
Screenshot (6385)_LI.jpg

Turns out it was at the very bottom of the playlist, meaning it was the LAST added, rather than the first added. This wasn't always the case, but if you want your video to appear first in a playlist, and thus act as the cover, it needs to be at the TOP of the playlist (you can manually organise it to go to the top)

Just something to be mindful of because you might not realise it, end up not having your newest video out on your home page, and potentially missing out on possible views. So a handy reminder to keep an eye on your playlists.