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YouTube Question Stuck at 97 subs help need advice


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Taking a quick peek, your view per video is pretty low. Are you using the TubeBuddy tools and maxing out your SEO? Are you using Keyword Explorer to ensure you are choosing good keywords? Are you choosing good tags for your videos?


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Keep making videos and try to improve them, taking a quick glance, you could improve the thumbnails a fair bit, better CTR & AVP is key to reaching more people and getting them to click & watch.

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Now because your channel is called "Blind and Proud" suggesting you improve your thumbnails feels a bit intense to say, but I think you'd benefit from teaming up with someone who has some art or design background. And at quick glance, you're not using keywords to their full potential and your titles could be vastly improved.

You have a channel with massive potential, it just needs to be crafted more. For example "GoPro On Labrador Left Home Alone" is kind of boring on it's own. With a niche of vision impairment, I'd go with "Watch What My SERVICE DOG Does When I'm Not Home" or maybe something along the lines of "see what my SERVICE DOG sees with GO PRO VISION."

There is so much untapped potential in your channel

Analyze what Tommy Edison does with his titles and keywords https://www.youtube.com/user/TommyEdisonXP he is a blind YouTube, and while he has an assistant to help him craft his channel, it will give you more ideas on how you can craft your titles but for your own niche. Guide dogs/service dogs and the world of visual impairment is such an interesting world to learn from so keep at it. I think big things can come from your channel once you get the basics down. DEFINITELY get someone to help you with your thumbnails because thumbnails are what grabs attention for those who want to know more about your world.


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Yeah, this channel could be legendary. Get someone to help with thumbnails and channel header. Give it a bright, cheerful outlook. You seem to have a bright and calm spirit. A year's work is a lot of work on any YouTube channel. The guide dog: Lots of people need information to help them find a guide dog.

The real thing is think of the people you want to help.


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You're doing amazing, keep on going and don't give up. The subs and views will come in no time