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YouTube Opinion Those really confusing comments that love and hate at the same time...

Beanie Draws

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So I'm going through my held for review section of my comments (my bad word filter is extensive, "plz" and "pls" are two words I block, I also block "good" to avoid one word "good" spam comments) and I notice there's one person posting 5 really hateful abusive comments... interestingly I recognize the name... I scroll down and notice they also posted some compliments. This has happened a few times, either someone goes from really nice, to being a complete jerk, or they go from being a jerk to being really nice.

Have you ever noticed those comments that are just a strange mix of hate and praise?
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Yay for backhanded compliments! I mostly get comments from "women" or rather, female bots, lol, that say something like, "I'm single" and then link to some site that's something I probably wouldn't want to have associated with my channel so it's "mark as spam" and then "delete" for me.

I do get accused of having an ASMR channel disguised by tech how-to videos because of my voice.


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I've only ever gotten direct hate comments, I guess ppl don't have the time to think of ways they can two-face their comments from complimenting to hating lol.