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Question Keyword Explorer - what should be my focus?


New Member
Hi! As a new channel, is it better to focus on wording my keyword phrase to decrease search pool results to a decent size OR should I be focussing on the view count of the top ranked video in the "you vs top ranked video" section.

My original search term has over 2 million results, but the lowest view count on a top ranked video is 110 while my modified search term has only 21K results, but the lowest view count on a top ranked video is 7.2K. Seems like my original search term gives me a better chance to rank on the first page even though the results pool is over 2M.

Is this correct or am I missing something?

Thank you so much for your help!


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select the best keywords for your videos from the SEO studio. First know what your video is. Select the best topic you can that will give the tool what it should look for. Then it will give you the best keywords possible. use the keyword score to know how much that keyword is trending. After posting the video take a look at it again. It will tell you what your video ranks in the youtube search. Edit or add keywords based on that