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YouTube Tips Your Audience Vs Your Subscribers - They Are Not The Same People


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Every time I join the forums I always notice one thing in common with most of our members. You all talk about wanting more subscribers. And I understand why you always talk about subscribers a lot. Because it's a requirement to be able to monetize your channel which is the main goal for most of you. But the reason you find yourself asking how to get more subscribers more than any other question about being a YouTuber is that you are confused about the difference between subscribers and your audience which happens to be two different groups of people and you're targetting the wrong one first.

The simplest way to put it is this: not all of your audience is a subscriber and not all of your subscribers are your audience.

Your audience is those who share an interest in the content you create. Your subscribers are mostly those who liked your content enough to want more on a consistent basis. I say mostly because we are all aware of subscribers who subscribe but don't actually watch your content. They had their reasons for subscribing such as being nice to you, hoping you subscribe back or maybe just a bot. This is why you have to accept the fact that a large number of subscribers does not mean more views and growth. It's the audience that you target, whether they subscribe or not, that is most important because even if they don't subscribe they may still come back and watch more.

So, in essence, you should focus less on gaining subscribers and more on finding your audience. Because your audience is who you can convince to become a subscriber. The more people you get watching your videos the better the chances some of them will want to subscribe for more.

Look at it this way. If you were a game developer and created a racing game and wanted to promote it to get people to buy it. Would you: A) promote it on a racing games only forums or B) promote it on a general gaming forums? Which one will give you a wider audience with a greater chance of finding players wanting to play a new racing game?

Don't limit your reach to just people who you want to subscribe to your channel. Target a larger audience, your ideal audience, viewers looking for your content who may not necessarily be looking to subscribe but might. Work towards views, retention and CTR. This will lead to more views which will lead to more exposure which will lead to a bigger audience which will lead to more subs.

See how that works? Don't skip to the end. Otherwise, you will have to work ten times harder or get frustrated and give up before your time.
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Well put Brave, you really need to speak to the audience you want to create content for so they keep coming back (don't forget monetization also requires 4000 watch hours either over the past 12 months!)

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Very, Very Wise words! I will keep this in the forefront of my mind moving forward!